Cheap Street Legal 2 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale

Hulk Vehicle Product

Cheap Street Legal 2 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale

New 2 Seater Electric Golf Cart for Sale at Good Price

  • 2



  • 20km/h



  • 20%



  • 3.5KW


    AC Motor

A Great Choice for Short Trips!

• Strong Steel or Aluminum Alloy Frame Base

• Recycled Sponge & High-resilience PU Leather Seat

• Automotive Standard Front & Rear Combination Lights

• MOQ: 1 

We also accept customized golf carts with other seat quantities. If you need them, please send us an inquiry.

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  • SizeItemElectric Golf Cart
    Seats (Including driver)2
    L*W*H (mm)2350*1180*1800
    PerformanceMax. Speed (km/h)30
    Endurance Mileage (km)≥70
    Min. Turning Radius (m)3.5
    Max. Gradeability (%)20
    ConfigurationMotor (kw)3.5kw AC
    Battery (V Ah)Maintenance-free Batteries, 150AH, 6 Units /48V
    ControlGB Standard New Energy AC Electric Control
    BrakeRear wheel mechanical brake + parking brake device
    SuspensionLeaf spring front suspension + integrated rear axle
    Rear AxleIntegrated semi-floating rear axle
    WheelGolf Tires 205/50-10
    Seat MaterialRecycled sponge + high resilience PU leather seats

  • Detail Display

    • Steel or Aluminum Alloy Frame Base

      Steel or Aluminum Alloy Frame Base

      For Hulk Vehicle golf cart, users can choose the base frame made of steel or aluminum alloy according to their needs. Aluminum alloy material is lighter, but steel frame is stronger, both have strong load-bearing capacity.

    • Comfortable & Stylish Seats

      Comfortable & Stylish Seats

      Hulk Vehicle golf cart seat is made of recycled sponge + high-resilience PU leather material, which is soft, comfortable, ergonomic, beautiful and stylish, and can bring unprecedented comfort experience whether on the golf course or in the resort.

    • Automotive Standard Combination Lights

      Automotive Standard Combination Lights

      Hulk Vehicle golf cart uses automotive standard front and rear combination LED lights, which have a long light irradiation distance and consume less battery power, so you can enjoy the ride without worries even after the sun goes down.

    • Best Brand Motor & Controller

      Best Brand Motor & Controller

      Hulk Vehicle golf cart is equipped with the best motor and controller in the industry, which can continuously and stably output strong power and has good climbing ability. The excellent power system brings you a stable and pleasant driving experience.

    • Large-screen LCD Instrument

      Large-screen LCD Instrument

      Hulk Vehicle golf cart uses a large-screen digital display LCD instrument, which reflects various indicators of the golf cart in real time based on user needs, while also improving the appearance and comfort of the cart.

  • Customer’s Review

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    • Carly Midgett


      Good product! It is easy to operate and perfect for golf courses or short-distance commuting.



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2023 23rd, 2023

On June 23, 2023, Hulk Vehicle is honored to announce that 8 sets of our customized golf carts have been successfully delivered to the Shanghai Golf Course, bringing a new golf experience to the players on the course.

2024 6th, 2024

Recently, Hulk Vehicle announced that it has successfully completed the first project to transform a sightseeing bus into a patrol car and has officially put it into use. This marks a significant step forward in innovation and versatility for the Hulk Vehicle.

2024 5th, 2024

Recently, a unique sightseeing bus - customized panda-faced gasoline sightseeing bus made a shocking debut at a scenic spot in China and quickly became the focus of tourists' attention. This unique sightseeing bus is deeply loved and sought after by tourists for its stunning appearance design and excellent performance.

2023 4th, 2023

Many scenic spot customers often fall into a dilemma when purchasing sightseeing buses. Should they choose a gasoline sightseeing bus or an electric sightseeing bus? Especially for many users who are buying sightseeing buses for the first time, it is really difficult to make a decision.

2024 15th, 2024

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2024 5th, 2024

Nowadays, electric sightseeing cars are used more and more widely. Some of them are used as commuter cars for government units, some are used as electric sightseeing cars for scenic spots, and some are used as shuttle buses for hospitals and airports. So, The corresponding maintenance work of the electric sightseeing bus is very important, which is related to its safety, use cost, service life, etc.

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