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Hulk Vehicle Electric Sightseeing Bus is designed and produced for the convenience of tourists in the scenic area. It is driven by battery power and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Both the exterior design and internal configuration can be customized according to the needs of different customers, providing customers with a more comfortable and intelligent sightseeing experience.

23 Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus Available (High-end Style)

The sightseeing bus uses well-known brand BYD auto parts, combining advanced technology with high-quality materials to provide sustainable and efficient transportation solutions for urban and intercity trave, and setting a new standard for eco-friendly transportation.

11-17 Seats Electric Sightseeing Bus Available (Comfortable Style)

Hulk Vehicle's 11-17 seat electric sightseeing buses are designed for comfort, safety and efficiency. Spacious seats and panoramic views allow passengers to enjoy an unforgettable sightseeing experience, making it ideal for tours, resorts and attractions.

8-14 Seats Electric Sightseeing Bus Available (Fashinable Style)

Hulk Vehicle's 8-14 seats fashionable electric sightseeing bus is a popular choice for sightseeing in scenic spots. The appearance is fashionable and novel, and the design is exquisite and eye-catching. It is the first choice of travel companies and attraction managers.

8-14 Seats Electric Sightseeing Bus Available (Standard Style)

The high-quality 8-14 seats standard electric sightseeing bus has a simple and elegant design. It adopts an electric power system, making the driving quieter and more environmentally friendly. It is comfortable to ride and can be customized according to customer needs.

23 Seats Electric Sightseeing Bus Available (High Configuration Style)

Hulk Vehicle's high configuration style lithium battery electric sightseeing bus adopts advanced lithium battery technology, has high-end configuration, reliable performance, and stylish body design, bringing passengers a high-quality sightseeing experience.


Emutang Flower Sea Scenic Area is a well-known tourist attraction with the theme of flowers and natural scenery. With the development of the tourism industry in the scenic spot and the increase in the number of tourists, in order to enhance the tourist experience, reduce environmental impact and demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development, the scenic area has decided to introduce a number of electric sightseeing buses to facilitate tourists to visit the sea of flowers and improve the service level of the scenic area.

China Xiangshan Film and Television City is located in a beautiful area in eastern China and is famous for its large-scale film and television shooting scenes with various architectural styles. In order to improve tourist experience and shooting effects, Xiangshan Film and Television City decided to introduce a batch of gasoline sightseeing buses to provide tourists with more convenient and comfortable sightseeing services.

Weihai Huaxia City Tourist Attraction is located in Weihai City, Shandong Province. It is a comprehensive tourist attraction with the theme of mountain and sea culture. In order to improve the tourist experience and the service level of the tourist attraction, the management department of the tourist attraction decided to purchase 3 sets of gasoline sightseeing buses.

The Yellow Emperor Mausoleum is a historical and cultural attraction in China, attracting a large number of tourists and visitors every year. In order to enhance tourists' sightseeing experience and improve the service level of the scenic area, the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum Tourism Organization Department decided to purchase several electric sightseeing buses for tour services in the scenic area.

A famous university has a vast campus, and the various buildings of the school are scattered. Therefore, students and faculty often need to walk long distances on campus during class or when entering and leaving the campus. In order to solve the problem of long-distance walking on campus and improve the convenience and efficiency of transportation, the university decided to purchase several sightseeing buses to be used as campus shuttle buses to facilitate the travel of teachers and students.


June 23rd, 2023

On June 23, 2023, Hulk Vehicle is honored to announce that 8 sets of our customized golf carts have been successfully delivered to the Shanghai Golf Course, bringing a new golf experience to the players on the course.

March 6th, 2024

Recently, Hulk Vehicle announced that it has successfully completed the first project to transform a sightseeing bus into a patrol car and has officially put it into use. This marks a significant step forward in innovation and versatility for the Hulk Vehicle.

February 5th, 2024

Recently, a unique sightseeing bus - customized panda-faced gasoline sightseeing bus made a shocking debut at a scenic spot in China and quickly became the focus of tourists' attention. This unique sightseeing bus is deeply loved and sought after by tourists for its stunning appearance design and excellent performance.

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